Yıldız Holding Rewards ‘Stars Of The Year’ For 11th Time


Yıldız Holding’s ‘2018 Stars of the Year’ competition recognised best business practices that deliver efficiency. Reaching 105 applications in nine categories from Yıldız Holding companies from all around the world, the competing projects enabled Yıldız Holding to save on costs in the neighbourhood of 900 million Turkish Liras.

The rewards were handed out on 24 February 2019 at the Ülker Sports and Event Hall. The awards ceremony hosted Yıldız Holding’s Chairman Murat Ülker, Vice Chairman Ali Ülker, CEO Mehmet Tütüncü and various other senior managers as well as leading figures from business and civil society. Salman Amin, CEO, pladis, delivered a speech at the ceremony while GODIVA’s CEO Annie Young Scrivner gave a video message.

“To keep up with change, we need to be stronger and more innovative. We can dream of a bright future if we capitalise on risks as opportunities,” said Yıldız Holding’s Chairman Murat Ülker during his speech at the awards ceremony. Handing out the 2018 Stars of the Year Chairman’s Award under the “MOVERS” category, Ülker went on to say: “We are well aware of how fast everything around us is changing today. We know that in order to keep up with this change we need to be stronger and more innovative. We can dream of a bright future if we capitalise on risks as opportunities. It goes without saying that we need to have a key to our dream future. Our key has MOVERS written on it. To achieve this, we will always be on the move, all together” said Ülker.

“We rewarded our colleagues who first had a dream and then made their dream come true with a project, evolving it into a practice followed by success. A total of 105 great projects from both Turkey and the rest of the world competed to win against key criteria such as delivering cost advantage, increasing customer satisfaction and improving current processes. The cost advantage that these projects delivered to our organisation has reached close to 900 million Turkish Liras. I would like to once again extend my gratitude to all our contributing colleagues for developing projects from a solution-oriented perspective,” said Ali Ülker, Yıldız Holding’s Vice Chairman.

“2018 was a year of true challenge for us. Last year, our gross sales went up by 27% while our consolidated gross sales reached 54 billion Turkish Liras,” said Yıldız Holding’s CEO Mehmet Tütüncü. “We owe these financials and goals to our selfless hard work. And the competing projects are the fruit, the results of our successes that we achieved together. All these projects were created by hard work, a search for ideas and solutions, and focus. I would like to congratulate and thank all of the participants and everyone for their contributions in Yıldız Holding’s growth.”

Mustafa Sani Şener, Chairman and CEO of TAV Airports, also attended the awards ceremony as the guest speaker of Star Talks that hosts successful business people from different organisations every year. This year’s Star Talks was hosted by Ibrahim Taşkın, Yıldız Holding Global Legal Affairs President.

Here are our winners of Stars of the Year 2018 !

GOYA: F2F Big Gain / Bizim Toptan

0 DEFECT: Callibration of Factory (Topkapı) / pladis TR

ALIGNMENT: Hedging Better Together / pladis Global

LEADER: Ülker Biscuits Ramadan Digital & Instore Campaign / pladis Middle East

CONTRIBUTION TO GROWTH: Direct Supply of Fruit & Vegetables / Şok Marketler

INNOVATION: Jaffa Cakes Nibbles Commercialisation / pladis UK & Ireland

COST ADVANTAGE: Bopet Productivity / Polinas

DIGITAL LEADERSHIP: Sales Planner - Theseus / pladis UK & Ireland