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Stars of the Year 2020


There are 9 categories to choose from according to your project type.

Projects in 2019

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This award recognises outstanding examples of external learning through our consumers and customers, where there is demonstrable evidence that insights have been turned into action as a result of our local understanding and global footprint.


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This award showcases strong examples of continuous improvement, where we strive for quality, operational excellence, and increased productivity.



This award recognises solid examples of business outcomes achieved through collaboration, inclusion, breaking down silos, etc.



This award celebrates outstanding examples of always striving for the top, either by satisfying customers, consumers or employees.


Contribution to Growth

This award recognises examples where there is a direct correlation to growth such as contributions to sales growth, category growth, market share or expansion. Specific emphasis will be on market share growth as it is the best metric to create sustainable growth for our brands.



This award recognises significant breakthroughs/contributions in innovation such as product launches, product improvements, process innovations, process improvements, shifts in technology, etc. Specifically, disruptive innovation which creates step change in consumer habits, creating a new category, new market, new source of sustainable revenue etc for the company.


Cost Advantage

This award celebrates teams who have excelled in improving our cost base or, alternatively, have successfully introduced initiatives to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.


Digital Leadership

This award recognises digital projects that transfer processes and business methods, carried out offline or by an operational workforce, to an online platform based on an in-depth analysis of internal/external customer insights, ultimately changing our culture and the way we work, facilitating current practices, and creating value. Projects applying to this category need to provide measurable material benefits, time-saving, operational or other advantages for the company. Practices and applications previously used in other companies outside of Yıldız Holding, digital marketing projects, and third-party standard applications used by the relevant team are not eligible to compete in this category.


Chairman’s Award of the Year

Invest in People

Our colleagues are at the heart of the Yıldız family, it is through all of us we deliver happiness to the world with every bite. This award recognises the company or team within our Yıldız family who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of our colleagues and future sustainability of our business through Investing in our People. As we are adapting to new ways of working, including remote-work, and reimagining the future of the workplace, building up strong and resilient teams, and empowering our colleagues have become more important than ever. This is the very reason that we are looking to see how initiatives and programs have been developed, implemented, and delivered results through innovative and creative learning solutions as well as finding new ways of collaboration and networking. This award will provide a platform to recognise and share great practice in this area across Yıldız Holding and demonstrate the power that investing in our people has across all our businesses both now and for the future.